The first day

The 10th of April was our moving in day, and it was full of excitement, stress, and anger.

On the morning we moved in, Tim had to take a written driving test for his license here, then go buy a car, inspect it, register it, and insure it, oh and show his face at work. This left me to haul our last bit of stuff to the apartment before the mover’s arrived. As I didn’t have the keys or fobs to enter the building, I had to wait for someone to come out. Once in, I walked over to the elevators like I owned the place, but the little security guard wanted to know what I thought I was doing. As it turns out, he doesn’t speak English, so he typed it in his phone and then showed me the translation: “I grind my teeth at you,” it said. I tried not to laugh, and then typed in my explanation in my phone and showed him the translation in Korean. Evidently the English to Korean worked better because he seemed to understand and let me pass.

I worked on unpacking until movers arrived. The two of them worked quickly and efficiently while I tried to be available but out of the way. The set up the furniture, minus the sofa and armchairs because they said I should put felt down first. “How attentive and careful they are,” I thought. I signed for the paperwork, and they left. Then the water man came. The water is technically safe to drink, but no one does. The water guy explained he comes on the 10th of every month with two bottles, but if we need more just to call him. “Ok, what do I call you, then?” “Just Water Man,” he replied. Ok, then!

Shortly after he left, another man arrived to hook up our gas dryer, and just like that, we had the apartment up and running!

When Tim came home that evening, he looked at the upturned sofa and noticed something odd so he pushed it back a bit to reveal a 6-inch scratch in our hardwood floors that had not been there this morning! I was horrified and angry. They had placed the sofa so that the scratch was under it, so I wouldn’t see it. Which I didn’t, and then I signed the paperwork saying that they hadn’t damaged anything. Yet, Tim saw just enough of the tail-end to spot it within five minutes. I was mad at the movers but I was really mad at myself.

I spent the better part of the evening fuming over the whole situation. Tim did his best to make me feel better which looked like this: “I’m sorry you’ve got a bad teammate.” I said. “I know,” Tim replied, clueless as to what he just agreed to- this only made me even more upset. Guys, ugh.

Unable to do anything about the scratch tonight, we headed out in search of dinner and in search of something to cheer me up. It came in the form of adorable milk cartons and vistas overlooking Seoul. Yea, as I reread that sentence, it strikes me at how random “adorable milk cartons” must sound, but even after only 10 days here, it didn’t surprise me at all.



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