So much cuteness

It was only our second full day in Tokyo, but our time to check-out was soon approaching. However, we hadn’t really finished our travel plans for the rest of our time here in Tokyo so priority number one was figuring out the short-term hotel situation. Thankfully, we were able to extend our hotel by a couple of nights, giving us five days rather than two here.

For today’s ventures, we decided to visit a sword museum. It took a few minutes to find as it was in an oddly residential area, but we finally made it. It only took about 45 minutes to peruse the collection of various Samurai swords and I kept wondering what my nephews would think of their Aunt Jess and Uncle Tim getting to see katana swords like Leo uses.

From there, the day only got better. We visited a shrine dedicated to a former emperor of Japan and had our first encounter with the cool sake casks (like wine barrels but more fun), we got to see two different traditional Japanese wedding procession, I got picked up some more temple stamps for my book, we visited the insane Harajuku district, and we got to play with owls!


You would think that would be enough excitement for one day, but as we were strolling back towards our neighborhood, we saw the cutest little race. If you want to see a video, you’ll have to see it on my Facebook page or I can email it to you. Trust me, it’s cute.

Following all of that, we finished the day by having a glass of wine on the patio of a French restaurant and then had dinner of charcoal grilled fished, the best miso soup we’d ever had, rice, pickles, and a beer for about $7 a person. I think Tim just found his perfect restaurant. Too bad we were so excited we forgot to take pictures, but don’t worry- I’m sure we’ll be back.


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