Au revoir TimBob

Less than 6 months ago, the TimBob (& Jess!) Does Paris¬†blog drew to a close. And while blogging was an enormous pain in the butt, we have nevertheless decided to keep it going, but with a few changes…

We find ourselves in a new part of the world- Seoul, South Korea, with a new language to learn, and new adventures to have. As part of capturing the day-to-day of what we like to think of as our “series of inspired follies,” (thanks, George Bernard Shaw for the perfect caption to our life), we decided to create a new blog; one that reflected our past experiences in France as much as our current ones in Seoul and beyond. So, you see, we are two souls¬†who, although away from family and alone (i.e. toutes seules in French), we are taking on the world together and inviting you along for the ride.


One thought on “Au revoir TimBob

  1. I love it. Thanks so much for continuing your blogging. It’s so much fun to experience your adventures along with you. Love you both.


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